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The last few months have survival mode around here.  And guess what, we’ve survived!  So far.  Praying that continues, believing that with his grace and mercy it will.  Onto the small successes:
1.  I found an earring I lost last week.  I thought I’d lost it in the shower and figured it went down the drain since it was a small diamond stud.  This morning I stepped on something hard in the shower and upon inspection, my earring!  The back is gone but I can use any back. 
2.  I finished the alb!  I promise this is the LAST TIME I will mention it,  probably, maybe, we’ll see. I learned so much sewing that alb, serious lessons, not just about sewing but about life that I may write a whole post.  I can’t wait for Sept 14 when John is instituted as an Acolyte.  FYI, the alb is over 5 feet long! 
3.  I have been checking things off my to do list quite efficiently at work this week.  
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Small Success Thursday

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