This is a new link up going on at Catholic Mom.  Every Thursday post a few of the small but successful happenings in your world. 
1. Some days it is difficult to stay motivated about passing on the faith at work.  In particular  I  have been concerned about RCIA and if the folks are there for the right reasons and if they”get it”.  Last night I gave the “this is Lent, time of purification and enlightenment for you and to really dig deep and decide you want to continue on this journey to Catholicism” talk.  We had a great class and covered all the topics and even prayed a decade of the rosary together.   This morning I get this wonderful text thanking me and telling me that they prayed together for the first time.  The Spirit is moving.
2.  I finally decided what to do for Lent!  I was a bit behind because of my parent’s 50th anniversary party, but I think I am on track now. 
Small Success Thursday

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