I read many blogs where folks live out in the country or have pets as well as little children. Little children and pets provide entertainment and fodder for amusing posts. I have no such fodder. But I did come into contact with a snake in my office a few weeks ago.
I was just locking up at about 8:15 pm and as I walked into my office I saw something odd outside the youth minister’s door. As I walked toward it, it slithered under the door. It was a snake! So, I called a co-worker and told her to come with a shovel so I could kill the snake. Yes, kill it. She arrived five minutes later with her teenage son and a pillowcase. Apparently, killing the snake was no longer the plan. We would catch it and then set it free. Which is what we did, eventually.
We told our boss today, aka our pastor, he didn’t really believe us. Oh well. Somewhere there are pictures to prove it.


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