• I went to Boot Camp again; much better than the last two days. 
  •  I cooked this for dinner: Shrimp and Spaghetti Squash.  Most excellent!  Here’s the recipe.

  • We got caught in a light rain walking home from our friend’s house tonight.  The usual banter occurred between daughter and father about the rain.  D says, “it’s still raining” (after she sees us wet) F says, “wait, let me check the radar”  and then “nope, not raining.”  My wet hair begs to differ.  This conversation, or some variation of it, occurs far too frequently around here.
  • I am praying the prayer below for my St. Ignatius Novena which I began yesterday and will end on his feast day, July 31.

Holy Father Ignatius,  through the centuries millions must have known the influence of your inspiration. Our world today needs to find your secret of finding God everywhere, of putting Him first in our intention and endeavor, of desiring nothing but what He wants, of yearning for nothing but His love and grace. Teach us the freedom that comes from committing ourselves to God’s designs for a world laden with creative beauty yet marred by our violent ways. You knew that Christ was your companion at every step of life. You joined him in his ongoing work for the salvation of us all. Help us to find courage in his presence, to feel that he works with and in us. May God, through the power of your prayer give us peace and joy and grant us our most intimate requests in this Novena if they be for His greater glory and our greater good. Amen.

PS:  I hear thunder, better ask my husband to check the radar:)
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