During this time of year I realize I live in a sort of alternate weather universe.  When I watched t.v. I knew it was winter by the commercials for cold and flu medication but now that I don’t watch t.v. I rely on Facebook and reading blogs to fill me on the fact that there is some mighty cold weather happening with lots of snow.  And I feel for all of you.  But in some ways, small, really almost imperceptible ways, I miss the weather. 
Why?  Because it gives you a reason to hunker down and get to projects in the house while it is too nasty to go outside. I don’t have those days anymore where I can stay in and not feel guilty for not getting fresh air.  Sure, we have a hurricane season, but if we have an actual hurricane you don’t spend time on projects while a hurricane rages on outside your house. I don’t know why but you just don’t.  Hurricanes are scary.  I suppose snowstorms can be scary but I lived in New York City and so the storms there were not usually of the magnitude they are in other parts of the country. 
I’m not tired of the sunshine, trust me.  But I’d like an excuse to stay in for a day or two and get things done.  I know I can take a day off and impose it upon myself but it’s better when it just happens.  I’m sure by now those of you who have dealt with the snow all winter either think I’m slightly off balance or want to trade places.  After all, February always seemed like the longest month when I did suffer through winter. 

But isn’t it nice to have a snow day?  
Snow Day

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