I have not posted much since I have been working on the spiritual exercises. I have truly been so inside myself that it is difficult to put into words what I am learning and finding out about myself. It is very humbling to put yourself into the hands of Mary, Jesus, and the Father in prayer. Within the exercises you read scripture and imagine yourself into the scene. The two overriding words which kept coming to me were trust and humility.
“Look at the humility of God, pour yourself out before him.
Look at the humility of God, he who gave himself completely waits for all of you.” St. Francis of Assisi, also a song by Fr. Stan Fortuna, CFR

Questions to Pray About
What is my personal call?
What should I do for Christ?
Where am I to be to make a difference in the world?

Come Follow Me
Take A Step
Serve Like Jesus
They may be “sound bites” but they do sum up the Christian ideal. Jesus invites us to follow him, and the rewards and sufferings go hand-in-hand. The call to follow Jesus is integral in my life. It defines me as who I am as a person. Right now though, I feel as if I not taking a step with Jesus but have wandered off and am rather aimlessly going down a path. The question is where is he leading me or am I aimless because I don’t accept I am on the right path. So, after more prayer and discernment, I do believe I am where I should be and so now, as a friend tells me, I must “embrace my mission.” And it does make sense.

“Jesus still calls, acting intimately and powerfully in the life of each person who opens him/herself to his revealed word.” For the Greater Glory of God, Fr. Manuel Ruiz Jurado

Spiritual Exercises, 2

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