Catherine of Siena

A few years ago my husband and I went to Italy. We spent many days in Rome; touring, eating, drinking, walking, and riding the Hop-On, Hop-off bus. I had a plan of what places and churches I wanted to see. For some reason, I did not realize that Catherine’s body was in Rome, at the church of Santa Maria Minerva (St. Mary of Minerva). She is enclosed in a marble tomb, under a glass case.

The rule in Rome we (kinda-sorta) followed was: pass a church, go in, because they are all stunning! In we go and I start reading the map, I never read the maps, but there I am reading it, on the Italian side and I’m getting very excited when I see Catherine’s name. So I go around to the English side to be sure I understood what I’d read and WOW, there, in plain English, I read that her body is there under the main altar.

Catherine prayer
Image taken by Deanna Bartalini, graphic created in Canva

It was amazing to have prayed there and I cherish the memory I have that time and place. It was not my plan to go and see where she was laid to rest, but clearly, it was by God’s grace that I did.

The quote under the image is one that can help us when we struggle about what we are supposed to do. Be brave, spread light, remember that with Christ we can do everything. We can do everything with Christ beside us, everything that He calls us to.

The Novena

If you are praying the novena, you can find the prayers here.

St. Catherine of Siena, Day 2
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