So, I have had this new position as Director of Stewardship for three months now. I have formed a committee, convinced the staff to read the Bishop’s pastoral letter on stewardship, and planned the golf tournament. In addition to finishing up with our RCIA group.
Here is what I find interesting. When the staff reads the letter, many wind up in the place where the focus on on people giving us more money in some fashion or another. When the committee read the letter, their overriding response was that the Bishop’s were trying to convey the idea of discipleship and stewardship is a response to that. I much prefer the committee’s response. Our possible theme for the upcoming year is “Come, follow Me” which speaks more to following Jesus than emptying your pocket.
It is energizing to be with the stewardship group and see their love and commitment to our faith. Now we have to get the staff on board. Adoration is my most likely course of action!


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