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Lists – they can capture so many different things – groceries needed, errands to run, clothes to pack for vacation, books to read, life goals. They all have their purpose. I have various lists going all the time and in many different places, which I think productivity experts say isn’t the best way to do things. Meh, I’m okay with my ‘system.’ Today though, is an exciting day to make a list, summer vacation begins!

Well, not for me, for my husband, he’s the teacher around here, not me. And we have a short list of things we hope to do while he is off.

Summer Camp

The grandchildren are coming. All 3 will be here for a week. Since they are toddlers, it’s pretty easy to have fun. The older 2 have asked for a few things so far: white balloons, glue, airplanes and trucks, the beach. The little one doesn’t ask for much, she mostly smiles and waves at people and climbs on everything. It will be a week of being in the moment, enjoying watching these sweet little ones play with each and trying to stay one step ahead.

Honestly, beside the short vacation we have planned, this will be the highlight of our summer!

The Other Goals of Summer

  • Get a tan, preferably from being at the beach
  • Read lots of books; fiction and non-fiction
  • Purge our photographs; I’d love to say both the physical and digital, but I’ll be thrilled of it just the physical ones
  • Yard re-vamp, at least put the plan in place
  • Work on the Creed Course
  • Complete my spiritual direction practicum

What are you doing this summer?

Summertime Goals!

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