I absolutely love to cook. Really cooking, where everything is from scratch and made with love. Today I woke up and began cooking. First I started whole wheat bread, while that was rising I made two batches of chocolate chip biscotti. Then, shaped the bread dough into a long Italian loaf and set it to rise again. After that I started on the chicken dish, a new recipe from Mark Bittman I mentioned Friday. When the bread was done baking I put the sliced fennel in the oven at 450 for 10 minutes, it was sizzling. I lay the chicken quarters on top as directed and put aside my concern about roasting the chicken at the same 450 temperature. Wow, it was delicious. The skin browned and crisped, chicken was moist and flavorful, the fennel melted in our mouths, and the pan juices went nicely over the brown rice.
Strawberries and biscotti rounded out the meal.
I wish I could do that every day. And I am sure my husband would not protest.
There is nothing like real food cooked with love, shared with those you love.

Sunday Lunch

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