Sunday Scripture

“Trust God at all times my people!  Pour out your hearts to God our refuge!”  Psalm 62:9

Today is Sunday and for most of us this means going to church services.  Why do you go?  Is it insurance?  Is it fear?  It is an obligation only?  I know why I go.  I go because if I didn’t I would be a different person and not in a good way.  And while I am there, I pour out my heart to God just as the psalmist says.  I tell him everything, laying it out a the foot of the cross.  It’s not that I don’t pour out my heart when I am alone in prayer, I do that too.  In Church, surrounded my people who love God there is strength that flows around me, even if that strength is from all our brokenness, tiredness, worry and sadness we are united in our prayer.  Prayer is how we begin to trust God.  Prayer is pouring out our hearts and telling God what he already knows is in our hearts.  Telling him is an act of trust.  Today make your prayer an act of trust.


Sunday Scripture

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  • October 2, 2016 at 2:56 pm

    I love that you point out that the strength of our communal prayer stems from our weakness. And it’s good to think about our motivation for going to Mass. Thanks for sharing.


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