Sunday Scripture and More!

We are going to go a bit backward to move forward here to complete the #write31days on Trust.  I know or at least I really hope, no one is keeping count or grading me on this but I want to finish for myself and those of you following along.  So rather than writing one post for each day and filling up your inbox with loads of post notifications I’ll write a few posts and put them together.

So here is a meme for last Sunday’s Gospel which is Luke 19:1-10; Zacchaeus and Jesus.  One of my favorite to teach about especially with children.  Here it is in three points:



Continuing in a backward to go forward mode, a post on, yes, trust, but with a slight twist.


Do you trust yourself?  Do you follow your gut?  Do you stand in what you know?  Do you know what you know?  At the risk of sounding like someone who thinks she is always right allow me to tell you to stop second guessing yourself! I don’t know your skill set or particular gifts but that is irrelevant.  You have gifts and skills and a knowledge base from years of experience of doing your thing, whatever that may be.  Yet, you second guess yourself or you defer so as not to upset another or say yes when really you want to say no.  Stop it.

Note:  At this point, I want to say, as the priest who gave the retreat talks a few weeks ago said, “When I talk, I’m talking to myself as well as to you.”  

Of course, sometimes to keep the peace it is better to say or do nothing.  However, doing that on a regular basis leads to self-doubt, negativity, and withdrawal. It also leads to being less than who God calls you to be.  You not only short change others and yourself when you do this, but you shortchange God.

“For God did not give us a spirit of cowardice but rather of power and love and self-control.”  2 Tim 1:7

The 3rd post in this set


I couldn’t post for 31 days and not use one verse from my husband’s favorite book, now could I?

If you were to go to Bible Gateway and put ‘trust’ ‘trust in God’ ‘Trust in the Lord’ in the search engine there would be a total of 263 references. There is probably some overlap and I didn’t check for synonymous words or phrases; either way, we can agree there are many scripture references to trusting God.  He wants our good more than any person on this earth.  Think of one person who loves you and desires your peace and happiness; maybe it’s a parent or spouse or best friend.  Put that one person’s face in your mind and allow yourself to see you as he or she sees you.  Pretty wonderful huh?  Now multiply that by oh, I don’t know, infinity.  What they see in you, how they want good for you, God wants it multiplied by infinity.  And my husband will excuse this possibly poor math analogy because, well, I trust him!

If we want to trust God, we must know him.  And to know him, we must spend time getting to know him.  In prayer of course, but also in his word.  There is no substitute for reading scripture.  God reveals himself to us but also builds us up, guides us, inspires us, and strengthens us with his word.

When we know his word, we can rest in it.  I don’t mean you have to know every book with chapter and verse for every need.  I don’t but I know the general idea of what I am looking for and can look it up.  I sometimes have to look up favorite verses to find the book, chapter, and verse.  I consider it more important to know the verse.  I can depend on the words, as Sirach says, without having to know just where they came from.

Spend some time today in his word.  Today’s reading from Matthew is particularly powerful.

Sunday Scripture and More!
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