Today at Mass the priest spoke to us about the need to get away and pray as Jesus was advocating for the apostles today. As a wife and mother it is sometimes difficult to do this, though now, as my children are older I have that freedom. It is always so refreshing to sit and spend time in front of the Blessed Sacrament and pour out my concerns and then to just sit and be with Jesus. Last year I went on a week long retreat during the summer and that was gift. this year I attended a Cursillo and next weekend I will attend a Deacon’s retreat for all the deacons and their wives in formation. I am so thankful for these extended opportunities to pray and grow in my faith.
On a regular basis I pray each morning and evening but the best thing I am able to do is attend morning Mass. It is much easier to see the Jesus in others when you receive him each day. While I am away I haven’t been able to go to Mass each morning since we are so busy in the morning getting ready for the day. I find I really miss it even though I have my Magnificat to read and pray with each day.
Which brings me to the next point and that is that prayer is really about relationship with God and that is what sustains us in our journey. We must pray always as St. Paul tells us and that is what gives us hope and confidence in our Father and that he will supply our needs.
I pray that during these summer months we are able to find time to rest and restore ourselves through prayer.

Sunday’s Gospel

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