Surrender. Wave the white flag. Give in to the enemy. Let your opponent win. Lose. Fail. Give up control. None of those sounds very appealing or edifying to me. That’s the world’s view of surrender. But it’s not the Christian view when we speak of surrendering.

I want to surrender. I have a list of what to surrender: worry, anxiety, fear, mistrust, control, judgment (mostly of myself). Do you have any of those? Do you have different things to surrender? More? I probably have more. And some days what I need to surrender changes.

The way to surrender is to go to Jesus and give him everything. Because he will take care of it. However, and this is important, once you give it to him, please don’t take it back. Ask me how I know this – experience, unnecessary experience. And while I want to save I’ve learned my lesson, I know I forget and let fear grab hold of me.

Today this short novena showed up in my inbox – thank you, Jesus. It takes less than 2 minutes. Try it, the Surrender Prayer Novena.

What do you want to surrender?

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