Jan 12

Sydney is wonderful! We got into the city and were lost, lots of one way streets so we drove over the Harbor Bridge twice in our quest to find the hotel. Found it, checked in and left again to drop off the car. We took the train back from the airport. When we got out of the station we found two surprises. One made me happy , the other Elisa. A Starbucks and Max Brenner, right near the hotel. We walked down to King Street Wharf in the Darling Harbor and had Thai for dinner. Then we walked the Harbor and went to Starbucks and Max Brenner for coffee and dessert. After that we were back to hotel and watched You’ve Got Mail. Dial-up memories! Elisa did not like the fact that at the end, she wasn’t even a little mad he lied to her.

Today is Friday and we are going to Bondi Beach. Sydney is somewhat like NYC, crowded and lots of cars and cabs on the road. I had no desire to drive in all of that, public transportation is much better! We took a train and a bus and it was much less stressful than driving. It is not a very big beach, but there were lots of people and surfers. I had fun watching the surfers. The water was too cold for me, but Elisa went in. I watched her make her way down to the shore, over to the left of our spot, since in front of us was for surfers. Also, the undertow was greater on in the surfing area. Eventually I stopped watching her, thinking I really didn’t need to do that plus I lost sight of her. A bit later, she comes back and says, “Did you see what happened? I almost drowned.” Me: “Really, Elisa, almost drowned. “ E: “Well the I was caught in the undertow and couldn’t remember what to do and I couldn’t touch the bottom when I tried to stand. But a cute boy was there and he asked if he should call the lifeguard and I said no and he pulled me up where I could stand.” Me: “Oh, I guess I should have been watching you better. Want a tissue? Need some water? You okay?” She was fine and so then we watched the surfers but decided not to swim again. (The conversation is to the best of my recollection)

Looked around for a bottle shop to buy some wine, but can’t find one. Elisa and I got cleaned up from the beach and then dressed for a night out. First stop, the Royal Gardens where we walked all the way to Mrs. Macguarie’s Chair. The view of the bridge and opera house was fabulous. The only thing I didn’t like were the bats in the trees and flying around.

Those are bats hanging from the tree branches.

Elisa by the Wishing Tree

  Very creepy. There was a wishing tree which we walked around and made wishes. I hope mine comes true. Not telling what it is or it won’t, those are the rules you know. Then we had a delicious dinner on the wharf again. I had lamb and some great wine from the Bleasdale label, a Malbac, which seems odd but I checked my receipt and that is what it says. Elisa had Blue Tongue beer or ale, also yummy. Elisa bought a cute hat and then we went back to the hotel.

Sydney: Bondi Beach, Royal Gardens, Wharf

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