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Today is the end of Write 31 Days. Objectively I have not met my goal of writing each day. And that’s okay. I learned a few things about myself and some other important things were accomplished this month so that’s a great month in my book!

It takes a moment to be grateful. A moment to stop, hit the pause button and change my thought, my reaction, my words from negative to positive, from critical to helpful, from grating to grateful. If anything, I’ve learned to take a moment and frame my response. We all know that words cannot be taken back once they are said.

The moment helps me to remember that I am not in control, God is and I need to call on the Holy Spirit, not only in difficult times but in good times as well. The Spirit will help me do the right thing. And so often what that means is to have gratitude for my life; for all the parts of my life. Not only the parts that are fun and easy and enjoyable but the parts that are sad and make me cry and question, the parts that hurt and confuse.

All of life is meant for a purpose and after working on being grateful for all of it, I believe it more strongly now, that gratitude is necessary.

Here is the picture from my journal of what I am grateful for this October!

Take a moment
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