The Fruit of Patience

Patience – the ability to wait without losing your mind. Does that definition work for you? Our ability to have patience probably varies depending on many things – sleep, energy level, hunger, time, need to be in control, coffee intake, how many times we’ve asked already – any number of variables.

My great-grandmother, grandfather, and my father had (has, for my dad) patience. None of these three people are blood-related. No this is not a riddle.  Have patience, please! I would watch them do things, like cooking, sewing, or laying tile, repeating the same steps over and over to make sure all the pieces would come together to make something delicious, or beautiful or useful or all three.

Maybe we don’t have good examples of patience in our lives; that’s okay. Look to the Word for examples of it, try to react carefully and slowly instead of quickly, pause, pray and then look at the situation from another perspective. It is work to learn patience, but we can learn if we practice.

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(Total aside, why does WordPress want to correct patience to patients?)

The Fruit of Patience
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