I’ve not spent much time reading and thinking about the state of the world. It overwhelms me. I know at some point I will venture back to the news, but not right now. This past weekend seemed almost normal. It was easy to think only of the family in front of me. To cook for them, play with them, wipe their hands and find their shoes. I took the easy way and loved my family the way I do best. I took care of them. We had a little breakfast on the beach and splashed on the shore. Once we got home, I cooked.

Crab cakes, green beans, corn on the cob, tostones, coleslaw with a vinegar dressing, boneless pork chops and a garlic aioli I had my husband put together. By 5:00 pm both ovens were full and by 6 we sat down to eat at my grandparent’s table. The only one missing, my chef son, he was busy making other families happy with his cooking. The biggest scandals of the day, no dessert to eat or food pictures!

The dining room table is the best trade I’ve ever made. Every time I set it, I’m reminded of who sat around it and why. It says love and family to me. Cooking for my family, I do it for love. To see those sweet little grandson faces open their mouths, fork in one hand, food in the other and eat what I cook. – does it get better? For now, not really, but soon, it will get better, when I start taking them in the kitchen with me and teaching them to cook.

We celebrated Father’s Day with my dad; I do not remember the last time I did that! He held his great-granddaughter. And then, his grandson on his lap at the dinner table, a 15-month-old eating corn on the cob. It so reminded me of another picture, 32 years ago, my dad with my son, sitting on the floor with Peter leaning back with his bottle.

All weekend long and Monday as well, I took care of my family. I loved them and they loved me back. That is the greatest joy.

The greatest joy
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