I love the library. Always have, probably always will. When I was old enough to be there alone, I went all the time. It was quiet and nobody thought it was odd that I was reading. I remember too on Saturday mornings, they would show us films in the basement, you know, the reel to reel kind. Sinbad, cartoons, Wizard of Oz, Born Free, it didn’t matter what they showed us, it was free and safe, so I went.
I do the same thing now as I did then, I wander around looking through the shelves for interesting books to read. I pick a section and just explore. Yesterday I picked up a book on saints and some fiction. As I was browsing I kept wondering why I don’t just read the books at home I haven’t read yet that I own. But I can’t stop going to the library. When people tell me they don;t have a library card, I am shocked. I remember my children begging to get their own library card, it’s an essential. Now, the library has a little key tag version, which is quite handy.
The library, what’s not to love? It has books, music, movies, audio books, computers, wireless, and magazines. It is a world of possibilities. Still one of my favorite places after all these years.

The Library

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