The never ending task list

When I was first hired to work in parish ministry I was a youth minster with the responsibility of religious education for middle school and confirmation classes.  My co-worker was the DRE, Director of Religious Education.  Our pastor/boss though had another explanation for DRE, Directly Responsible for Everything.  I can hear the groaning but also see all your heads nodding in agreement as you wonder, yet again, exactly how did this task get on my desk?

I can’t answer that, so sorry.  But I can tell you that no matter what you do in a parish, there always seems more work than employees and the lines can be blurry as to who should be doing what.  Often the work gets given to the best person for the job even if it doesn’t necessarily fall into your area of responsibility.  It’s that line on the job description, “And all other duties assigned.”  Lots of little things and many moving parts means you need a way to keep track of it all.

One way I keep track of what I have to do at work is an app called Toodledo:A productivity system.  There are different levels of membership.  I have the basic one, because it is FREE!

You can see from the screenshots below that you can list tasks by folder, add due dates and prioritize them.  If they are repeating tasks you can also set that up by using the drop down menu in that column.


If you want to add notes you click on the piece of paper and can add notes that show up directly beneath the task.  As you complete each task, you can check the box, feel the endorphin rush and move on to the next thing!

to do 1

There are other features you can access by clicking on the settings tab. The locks are on those features which are part of paid subscriptions.

Adding folders is done by clicking on the folder in the toolbar all the way to the left.  My work is very focused during this time on faith formation so I just put everything into a generic “work” folder.  At other times of the year I have folders for the parish newsletter, adult programs, special events, and so on.  I only use this tool for work but can access it anywhere so when I get up in the morning thinking about something I need to do I just quickly add it to the list so I don’t forget it.

to do 2

You can put this app on your phone, tablet or even your Apple Watch!  Or go old school and just use it on your computer like I do.  It is a great tool and one worth looking into.  Let me know how you like it.

The never ending task list
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