This is the house I grew up.  We lived in the first  and middle floor.

The Long Island Railroad at the end of my street.  

The basketball courts where John taught me to play basketball.

Swings in the park.

This is where the sprinklers were, it was a big concrete area and in the summer we played  in the sprinklers.

The big kid swings were here when I was a big kid:)

The footbridge we walked over to go to the subway, our nonna’s house, and later how I went to work.
The bridge goes over the railroad tracks

My parents still live in the same house.  Six of us shared three bedrooms and though there was a bathroom on both floors, we only used the shower in the upstairs bathroom.  We hung our laundry out from the back porch to dry, even in winter, even though we had a dryer. We walked to school and church, uphill both ways, rarely in the snow:)  My dad planted  tomatoes and mint and lettuce and other stuff in the backyard every spring and we always had the most beautiful flowers in the front yard.  The old neighborhood looks almost the same after not living there for 26 years.

The Old Neighborhood

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