It was raining this morning, so we didn’t leave hotel until 11 am. We went to The Rocks neighborhood, which is very close to the Sydney Bridge. They had some cute things; it was a Farmer’s Market type with lots of food and craft items as well as plants. After we browsed there for a bit and sampled some fudge we walked Sydney Harbor and the Opera House. We watched and listened to some Aborigines playing the didgeridoo and saw a very odd street entertainer. He talked more than he entertained! The Opera House is massive. It actually has many theaters inside with different things going on at the same time.

We took the bus back toward our hotel and walked down to this very cute pub, The Hart, for a late lunch. Elisa had a crocodile wrap, yes, really, crocodile. I tasted the meat; it was okay, pretty mild. I had a BLT, totally not my usual but it was delicious. The bacon was tasted more like ham than bacon. I also really like the aioli they use over here instead of mayo. After lunch it was time for Elisa to pack her bags and go to work in Waronga.
 I walked to the train with her and checked on my train for tomorrow’s trip to Blue Mountain. I was going to back to the hotel, since I’d left my map in my room, but then decided to walk down York and then turn back, not deviating from the street so I’d find my way back easily. The shops were amazing and then I was in front of Victoria Market. Yea for me! I had no idea what to expect, so I walked in and was completely bowled over. 4 floors of stores and a basement!   I think I saw every store but Tiffany and Bath and Body Works, really unbelievable. Worth Ave, Fifth Ave, Rodeo Drive and the Miracle Mile all rolled into one.

After looking in a few shops and recovering from the sticker shock, I went back to the hotel to plan my trip. I found out it takes almost 3 hours to get to Katoomba and the Blue Mountains, so I decided to have an early evening, so I can leave here by 8 am or so to start my adventure. Dinner is wine, crackers and hummus in my room.


The Rocks, Sydney Harbor and the Opera House

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