The Transfiguration

Today we celebrate the Transfiguration of Jesus.  Jesus goes to pray with the apostles closest to him, Peter, James and John.  Sadly, they fall asleep and almost miss the actual transfiguration.  Has this ever happened to you in your life?  Have you ever let worry or work or all the things we put before God cause us to not pay attention to him?  We might say, well, if I was with Jesus, I’d pay attention; but if we are honest with ourselves, we often lose our focus.

When apostles wake up and see Jesus, he looks different than he did before and Moses and Elijah are with him. The apostles see Jesus’ glory and are awed.  When is the last time we were awed by Jesus?  He comes to us in the sacrament of the Eucharist and gives us his very self.  Do we have reverence at Mass?  Or do we treat this like another thing we do each week.  Check the box, off the to-do list, let’s move on.  Peter wants to set up tents and stay up on the mountain.  He wants to be close to Jesus in his glory.  He is not in a hurry to check off his list, saw Jesus in his glory; okay, next event, oh let’s go cast out some demons. 

And why wouldn’t Peter want to stay, I would.  I’d like to stay up on a mountain, sitting with my friends, being with Jesus. 

In our life there are high points:  falling in love, finding a great job, having children, finding life-long friends.  There are spiritual high points as well; receiving the sacraments, a moving retreat, time spent in adoration.  But we can’t live with only the high points.  We live with low points as well.  Sickness, disappointments, death are a part of life. 

What helps us with those times are the high points.  We remember them and remind ourselves that it will get better.  All this talk of highs and lows may sound like a roller coaster.  We are not called to live a roller coaster life.  We are called to be faithful and consistent and constant.

The Transfiguration reminds us that living a life in accordance with God’s will is how we are meant to live.  We are meant to listen to Jesus.  Let us pray for each other to be disciplined in our Lenten practices and that we may see Jesus in his glory at this Eucharist. 

The Transfiguration
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