The Word made flesh; Lost Child; Idols

Lots of reading this past week and much to ponder. First, The Word made Flesh – reminds me that Jesus became man while keeping his divinity. The Incarnation, which we will celebrate very soon, also reminds me that in Jesus becoming man he gave us a part of his divinity. We are not solely flesh or soul, but both. We cannot deny one for the sake of the other. However, we can live for the flesh. That makes us too comfortable and possibly indulgent.

Have you ever lost a child somewhere like Mary lost Jesus? I did. It was a horrible feeling. And then, she suffered any more horrible loss when Jesus died. I have never lost a child but others I’ve loved have died. I think to lose a child must be the most terrible thing. and yet, Mary knew her loss would gain the whole world’s salvation. Did all the little losses in her life help her through Jesus’ death? I don’t know nor will I imagine; I think that would be hypocritical to put myself in her situation. I do agree with Houselander that often we don’t miss what we have until we lose it.

So many idols, more than I can count or are even aware of today. I know mine; I like comfort, things to be my way, freedom to do what I want. What are your idols? Do you want to keep them or to empty yourself of all that is not of Jesus so that you can be filled with him? 

I hope you are enjoying this book as much as I am. This week is the last full week of Advent and we’ll finish up Part 4 of the book. Keep reading, it will fill you.

The Word made flesh; Lost Child; Idols
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