Thinking too much can be bad.  Really, it can.  I know because I THINK TOO MUCH.  That may sound prideful but it isn’t. I don’t think too much in the I am so smart sense; I think too much because I second guess myself or worry I am going to fail.
Today was a perfect example of thinking too much.  At the gym, we sometimes jump onto boxes, repeatedly.  I think the lowest one is twelve or eighteen inches high.  I never tried to jump up, I just stepped up for the length of time or reps needed and moved on to the next thing.
Well today Katie had a different idea.  And I eventually jumped, six times, onto the box.  As I was doing this with her, another coach came and said, “you are thinking too much about this, just jump, you can do it.” I looked at him and said, “I always think too much.”
The other negative about thinking too much is that the longer it ruminates in my brain, the more insurmountable it becomes, then I either see no solution or I see many solutions and all the possible problems associated with them.
What I find interesting is my consistency; I think too much at home, at work, at the gym, at church, when I am trying to sleep, pretty much all the time.
I’m going to try not thinking too much all day tomorrow.


Thinking too much

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