I drive about thirty minutes each day to work. Not my longest commute but certainly not my shortest. Sometimes I talk to friends, sometimes I pray, sometimes I listen to the radio.  Often my mind wanders as the sights on the road catch my eye.

Today I noticed a bumper sticker, “mykiddidsomethingright”; is that really so noteworthy you need a bumper sticker?  Or are you being snarky in response to the “My Child is on the Honor Roll” bumper stickers?

See lipstick, it works.  No, that’s not from this morning

Ever since it was suggested to me to keep tweezers in the car I am amazed I lasted until this age without thinking I should do that.  Oh wait, I never really needed them before I became this age!

I feel sorry for men; they can’t wear lipstick to brighten up on those mornings when you look like you didn’t sleep.  And on the topic of make-up; when you are tired, (IMO) more make-up makes you look worse, not better.  And that blue eye-liner trick, I think it works.

I want to believe I can wake up without caffeine, but some mornings I am deluding myself.  I feel sorry on those mornings for people who try to interact with me in a meaningful way before 10:00 a.m. Today was one of those mornings.

If I had more time, I could write more and better posts.  Not more better, mind you, because that’s poor grammar.

Thoughts on the drive in

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