Peasant Woman Threading a Needle, Jules Breton

I love to sew, mostly clothes and occasionally home decorating items.  Two summers ago I bought a new machine, the original one having been a high school graduation gift from my boyfriend (now husband) in 1981.  It has great features, but the most important one has become the automatic threader.  You see, I can hardly see the eye of the needle, much less get a thread through it.  Which brings me to tonight’s problem of some hand sewing which needed to be done.  I get my needle and cut my thread and then hold the needle close and aim for the eye I can’t see.  I just sense where it is and go for it.  After a few tries I think, “last time and then I am calling Elisa to help me” and I thread the needle.
I think the spiritual life is like that too.  We know where we want to go, but we can’t really see it.  We sense the space or the peace or the word we are aiming for but we can’t do it on our own, we call out and then it happens.  When we are struggling to reach up, and cry out to God we get what we need. Grace.  We get the grace.

Threading Needles

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