Time for a meeting?  Send a Doodle!

Meetings whether the bane or joy of your existence are necessary in most organizations.  Even families have meetings!  Often the biggest problem about a meeting is trying to schedule the best time for everyone or at least, the best time for most people.

Some folks use group emails to determine the best time and with a small group that can work, especially if people reply only to the organizer and not use the dreaded reply all option.  I find, though, the more options and people, the less effective the email route.  doodle intro

So what can you do instead?  Send a Doodle!  What’s that?  It is a simple app you can use from your computer, tablet or phone to send possible meeting times to those who need to participate in the meeting.  It is quick, simple and painless on both organizer and user ends.

First set up a free account at Doodle; you will then get a code delivered to your inbox, put in the code and you are ready to start.  Click on “Schedule an Event” and begin setting up your doodle in four easy steps.  You name your event, adding meeting place and notes if needed, choose possible dates, then time options, set your settings if necessary, and invite people to respond. 

doodle detail

People can respond via a general link or to a specific link created just for them you can copy and paste into an email.  A general link can be posted via Twitter or Facebook; a specific link cannot.  I use the general link and send it from my usual email account; I don’t invite from Doodle though you can if you choose.

You can also use the app as a one on one meeting scheduler.  If you need to set up conference times with parents or make appointments with vendors, you can set up a calendar with available dates and times and email the link to those who need an appointment, then they sign up in an available time slot.  No email or phone tag necessary! 

meet me

Keep in mind that you can this app not only for in-person meetings but also for phone and web meetings.  While I have used it only for work purposes, I can see a benefit if you are trying to organize a large group of people for anything, business or social. 

Give Doodle a try and let me know how you like it.

Time for a meeting? Send a Doodle!
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