Saturday, Jan 14
The weather was dreary a bit today. After we got ready we took the free shuttle bus to Chinatown, very big place and Paddy’s Market.  Chinatown was just waking up so we went to the Market.  It was similar to Victoria’s Market, but more touristy and filled with the same stuff to buy row after row.  I like Victoria’s Market in Melbourne better.
We meandered over to the Powerhouse Museum for the Harry Potter exhibit.  The exhibit was brilliant.  The mueseum itself was a bit odd, more for young children  with lots of hands on things to try and a Wiggles exhibit.  There was a nice display of musical instruments and lace though.  We were not permitted to take pictures in the Harry Potter exhibit, so we have only what we can remember in our mind.  I’m sure that Elisa will recall much more than I will!


We found the bus again and went to the state library, not too exciting. However, we found a bottle shop and bought some wine.  Not the one I had the other night, but fine.  We made our daily trip to Coles for fruit, water, and snacks. We decided to go to Mass today so we had a snack, rested and then walked the two blocks to  St. Patrick . It was a very pretty church, one of the busiest in Sydney.  It was cool and rainy when we were done so we had dinner at the hotel and stayed inside the rest of the night.  

To Market, Chinatown, and Harry Potter

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