We are ready for our road trip to Sydney. We have water, fruit, muesli bars, gas and directions. We are going to take the M1 to Princes highway. The scenery is beautiful and unlike highways in the U. S. these highways are just two lanes, right next to nature. We passed through many small towns, most with a general store/gas station and often not much else. It is amazing that we are on a main road to Sydney and it reminds me of a small state road in north Florida, like I10.
We stopped for lunch in Bairnsdale at a bakery shop. I had a spinach and feta cheese pie, Elisa had a meat pie. These pies are more like flaky turnovers, not like a dessert pie. We continued on to Lakes Entrance and got out there to look at the views of the lakes and Tasman Sea. In Orbost we filled up the gas tank again and had some ice cream.
We were starting to think about where to stop for the night, but were not quite ready. We decided to stop at Cann River, the intersection of Monaro and Princes Highways, figuring it would be a good size town. A few of the towns we passed through were so cute, with motels right on the water, mini-golf and places to eat. We hoped Cann River would fit the description. Alas, not so much. We were wrong. There was a vacancy at the motel, so we took a room and walked about the town. All three blocks of it. There were a few bakery/coffee shops but they were closed so we went to the only place open, ordered pizza for take away and watched loads of TV: Family Ties, Brady Bunch, How I met your Mother, Friends, Big Bang Theory, The Middle, and The Closer.
We left early the next morning, continuing on Princes Highway. I cannot say enough about the scenery and views. It was better when Elisa drove so I could really look at everything. We stopped in Eden, which is probably the first good sized town in New South Wales. Went on to Merimbula, which was very nice but we didn’t stop. Strolled through Moruya, then stopped for the night in Batemans Bay, we went for a walk into town and then drove to see some other beaches. I was hoping for a swim but it was too cool and windy. We had dinner at a pub; delicious chicken with mushroom sauce, potatoes, green beans, carrots, potatoes and a Victoria Bitter beer, for me while Elisa had chicken parm and a Tooheys Old beer.

Tomorrow we will be in Sydney, a day earlier than I thought but the hotel can accommodate us and I will return the car early.

To Sydney

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