Traipsing thoughts

I like alliteration. Hence, the title of this post. And traipsing sounds less jarring than galloping, which is sometimes how I feel in my head at times these last few weeks. I’m going to round up for you, in alittle list, things I want to tell you. Some if it is mine and some of it is others. Enjoy!

  1. Last Sunday we read the Raising of Lazarus from the Gospel of John. I think this reflection is one of the best.
  2. I heard this song when I chose a random “Christian Work” playlist on Amazon. It is beautiful and soothing and spot on. Peace be Still by Hope Darst.
  3. I’m going to finish up the series on Grace next Monday, April 6 at 7pm. You can find the details here.
  4. If you are looking for something to listen to to help you in this time of social distancing, try my podcast, NotLukewarmPodcast. I’m almost on episode 25! Who knew I’d have so much to say? Okay, I bet some of you did!

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If you’d like some uplifting scripture verses, drop a comment on this post and I’ll email you a set of 6.

For many people, this is a time of sheltering at home and limited social interaction. Others are still going to work every day. It seems though, that many people think that there is an abundance of free time now because we aren’t going out and about as much. That doesn’t make sense to me. Here’s why – we cannot go about doing our usual business. And it always takes longer to figure out a different way to do things.

You may have to learn how to use new online tools to do your job. If you work usually work from home now yo have to figure out how to do that with others home working from home. Your family is home and let’s face it, they want to eat and that means more cooking and clean up. You may be supervising your children in some way as they attend virtual school. I’m guessing you may have to referee at times as well.

My point in all this – if you aren’t’ getting to all the projects – great! Do what makes sense for you at this time. Who cares what Shakespeare did during the plague?! I don’t. I’m finding I need more time for prayer, quiet and praise music. I take long walks and bike rides with my husband and we talk. I reach out to friends. I read on the patio. Am I taking on new projects? Yes, but that is who I am.

And that is my point – be who you are in this crisis. Maybe you are being called to write a book or paint or compose. Or maybe you need to make sure your children go outside and play while maintaining a safe distance from the neighbors. Maybe you are being called to have your normal routine sans social interaction because you are going to work every day. Don’t should all over yourself. And don’t let others either. Be faithful to whatever God is calling you to and nothing else.

Traipsing thoughts
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