It has been 306598072 days and 2 months of waiting. And some days it feels as if something heavy is on my brain or chest or soul. We are waiting for things to be normal again. I’ve lived half a century (ish) and don’t recall anyone ever saying life was normal. And there is the realization that hits that no one’s normal is the same. Maybe we want things to go back to the usual?

Or maybe, it’s possible that we can look at these past few months and think, there were some good parts, some awful parts and parts that changed me. I know I’ve changed. I’ve learned a few things about myself. I’ve remembered a few more instead of letting the thoughts drown in a sea of busyness.

This can be a time of transformation. A way to move forward not with trepidation, but with the knowledge that God is with us and can take our Yes to Him and transform us.

Next week you have an opportunity to join an online summit of over 25 speakers who will talk about what’s next for you, about how to become our best selves as we seek the new normal.

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