It’s not as easy to write every day as I thought it would be mainly because I am trying to stick to a certain topic which I normally do not do.  My focus is on this personal endeavor of sharing my expertise with those who labor in the field of catechesis.  Does that sound like a very impressive word?  A dearly beloved (now deceased) deacon once told me “it sounds like a disease!”  It simply means to transmit the faith to another person.  We often call the person doing the transmitting a catechist; a catechist is one who “echoes” the faith.    If you think about it, faith cannot be taught.  Faith is given to us from God; we must be open to receive it from him.

What is taught then are the truths, beliefs, tenets, doctrine, dogmas, and practices of the faith.  But faith is not taught.  We teach children prayers, but do they say those prayers or pray them?  We read scripture, but do we use what we have learned in our life?  Faith is putting what we know into action.

My goal then, is to put together tools which will serve those who teach others about faith.  Tomorrow’s task is researching podcasting platforms.

Transmitting the Faith
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