Trust God

Today is a twofer or BOGO post.  The idea for this graphic and the words came to me in the middle of the night.  I was awake, no real reason to be so I let my mind wander and found some words.  Then I prayed and finally fell back asleep.  If you happen to see me today, I know I look tired.


I’ve had a week.  Well, we’ve all probably had a week so I’ll forbear telling you my life annoyances since really, they were just that, annoyances.  I’ve also had some very good things happen this week but lack of sleep makes it easier to forget those.  There must be some psychological reason for that or am I the only one that has this problem?

Of course, throughout the week I kept after God… Why? What? When?  How? Can I? Why not? Please. Show me. Tell me.  Do you think we all sound like toddlers to him, with our constant questions?

Most times, in answer to my constant queries it seemed, if I could see him, he was nodding indulgently, patting my back and saying, “keep going, move forward, breathe, it will all work out, let that go, persist there.”  I tried my best, letting go what he said to let go, persisting where he said to persist.  Did I get it all right?  Probably not.  One day I had too much caffeine and sugar, another I struggled with anger.

It’s a process; letting go, trusting unconditionally, holding on to his truth and strength, knowing he understands when we fail and rejoices mightily when we succeed.

I’ll keep asking the questions, listening for his answer, trying to do what he says.  I pray the same for you.

Trust God
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