We have had many Gospels in the past few weeks about vineyards. And today the first reading was also about a vineyard. I remember seeing vineyards in my dad’s hometown in Italy some 30 years ago. Sitting there on the hillside, grapes that eventually became the wine that was served at table. So beautiful.
When I reflected on this gospel I thought more about fruit and producing good fruit than I did about the fact that everyone met their death at the hands of the tenants. It reminded me that God really does give us everything we need to do that he wants us to do. But there are two caveats;1. it must be his will and 2. we have to do the work. If we do the work and it is his will, then good fruit will be produced. Seems so simple. So, why isn’t it simple in reality. Well, I think it’s because often we don’t discern properly about God’s will. Or we decide that if God really wants this to happen, it will and don’t put forth effort to move things along.
I am guilty of both at various times. Who isn’t?


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