This year I am trying my hand at virtual teaching.  I took a class called Digital Discipleship Boot Camp over the summer and was asked to join the team.  I agreed and now I have to produce.  I will be doing a presentation on Blogging, which is a good fit (we get to choose our topic) for me.  The power point was done already so I just need to edit it a bit and make sure links are working on the various platforms we use for instruction.  I am fine with all of this.  

Until two weeks ago when I was the producer and had to record the session done by another team member.  And then Jennifer mentioned her “man voice” and I realized I was going to be recorded.  And worse, my presentation will be done via the internet and I’m sure my voice sounds different, as in not like I’d want it to, than in person.
Here’s the thing, when I have a cold, men have told me my voice sounds like a 1-900 operator.  I don’t ask how they know this and you need not either; I just go with how they imagine she would sound.  My voice is a bit throaty all the time.  I have a friend who is a speech pathologist and she asked me if I wanted to work with her to fix my voice so I am not making this up.  I now think I should have said yes but it’s too late.
What if I sound manly?  What if the group think my voice and picture don’t match?  What if I have a voice for silent movies?
“It’s too late to back out now”, she said in a whisper.

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