Wednesday Wisdom

I dislike having to repeat the same things over and over. I think this may be why I don’t play the piano. Sometimes we are sent trials in order to learn something. Now, I don’t think God is in heaven rubbing his hands together thinking, “oh, what can I send Deanna today that will help her learn patience?” Life sends us many trials if we participate in it at all. And we can learn from our trials and become better people for it or we can resist. Like the saying goes, “There’s no value in the second kick of a donkey.”

We can become a masterpiece or a sketch. God’s plan is for us to be his masterpiece. Every trial is a chance to do the right thing and become more Christ-like. To embrace the person we are called to be rather than the person it is easy for us to be. For example, many people consider me to be a nice person. I have trained myself to be nice. I edit myself often. I control my mouth. On occasion, I succeed in not even having the negative thought or response. I’d like to say being nice is my default, but that isn’t true. What I do know is that I desire to be nice and think God wants me to do so as well. I want to be a masterpiece and with his help, I will become one.

What do you need to God’s help with so you can become a masterpiece too?

Wednesday Wisdom
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