Wednesday Wisdom – Catherine of Siena

“What you lack, God in his goodness will supply.”

Catherine of Siena reminds us that of much in that short sentence:

  • We are lacking something.
  • God knows that.
  • God is good.
  • God cares for us.
  • God will give us what we need.

Each of us lacks something different, to a different degree; we are not perfect.  In the last few weeks I’ve come across people asking for more faith, patience, discernment, time, rest, motivation, peace, health, justice, understanding and the list can go on.  I think as people of faith we can ask God for what we need, with humility and hope, and know that he will supply it, in his time.  I’ve noticed he supplies it when it is needed.  Which is different than when we want it.

Do you sense I’m about to say that is where trust comes in?  It’s only Day 5 and you’re getting my point so quickly!  That’s because I doubt I’m telling you anything that you don’t already know, we sometimes need a reminder.

When we persevere, when we move forward when we are afraid or tired, not knowing all the curves in the path and you feel buttonunprepared, remember these words, “What you lack, God in his goodness will provide” and keep trusting in God.


Wednesday Wisdom – Catherine of Siena
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