So, I had vacation from work this week. And this is what I did:
brought the car to the shop
wrote 2 papers
had my modem replaced so we could get online again
decorated the house
hosted a practice dinner party
sent out invitations to a real party
finished my Christmas shopping
bought my books for the next class
lost a book I need for the next class (St. Anthony, help!)
read three books
went to adoration
missed reading blogs and writing on mine
called every night and have not had jury duty at all
bought new tires
made some new Christmas decorations
decided on the entrees for Christmas dinner
wrapped the gifts that had to be mailed (husband mailed them)
had my hair cut and eyebrows waxed
went to the supermarket way too often
cooked dinner almost every night
thanked God every day for the gift of TIME to relax

Sunday it is back to work, but only for three days, then I am off again, yea!!!

Week in Review or Where I’ve been if you were wondering

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