This week was busier then Holy Week at our parish. The death of Deacon John threw all of us into a tailspin and frenzy of work. We had already been planning for our 20th Anniversary celebration today, but in addition we had to plan Solemn Vespers for the Dead, two funerals, one wake service, and a funeral reception. Thank God for parishioners with the desire to serve and the time to do it.
By 3:30 this afternoon the Parish Hall was cleaner then it was in the beginning of the week, about five hundred people had been fed two different lunches, and our pastor was pleased, since his fellow priests (who are pastors elsewhere) were very complimentary about the Liturgy, Meditation Garden blessing and the luncheon. Tomorrow I am sleeping in and then going to get ready for RCIA after lunch. Oh, and my dear husband has the tables all ready for RCIA tomorrow night!

Week in Review

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