A list of totally random things floating in my brain about life that I feel the need to share with you.

1.  I went to 7 boot camp classes and while I felt sore each and every day I never actually hurt myself.  Today, while adjusting the water temp in the shower, I pulled something in my back and it traveled up to my neck.  Really, how is that possible?
Low Hanging Fruit Cabernet2.  While I have given up alcohol for a time, if you need an inexpensive very drinkable Cab Sav may I suggest Low Hanging Fruit?
3.  Since I was on retreat, I missed most of World Youth Day coverage.  If you did to, here’s a great site to read and watch and find out what you missed, Salt&Light WYD Central.
4.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself on the retreat weekend and learned so much about the Eucharist, the table culture of Jesus’ time and how important meals are in Luke’s Gospel.  I’ll post a overview soon.  I want to share with you a video the the retreat leader closed with to show us how great God is to us. (the video is in Portuguese, but words are not necessary to understand this)

5.  I posted every day this week and I liked it.  Going to try again this week.  
Weekend Random Review
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