Back in July I began a quest to get healthy and fit.  It was recommended to me to try cross fit at a nearby gym.  I did and it changed many ideas I had about myself and exercise.  This gym was different from any other gym I’d ever tried.  They stressed commitment, a specific eating plan, team work and support.
I began a five week boot camp and in the first two weeks it was so difficult yet I was determined and stuck it out.  I hurt all over, had given up eating not only all dairy, grains, beans, sugar and soy but alcohol as well.  All I thought about was working out, when to eat so I didn’t lose my food when working out and drinking water.  I couldn’t wear heels, it hurt to do almost everything I normally did and yet I went every day, five days a week for weeks and weeks.
Then I hurt my shoulder.  And in my usual style, ignored it.  When I finally saw someone about it I started to modify my workouts and do some rehab on the shoulder.  It really was not healing so I sadly took a break form cross-fit and went to physical therapy hoping that would take care of the problem.
But when I do something, I do it well.  So well in fact the injury was not improving even with medication and therapy.  So I decided to leave cross fit and join a regular gym.
I go to the gym five or six days a week and have a trainer two times a week.  He’s very good and we take extra special care of my stupid shoulder.  But I miss cross fit.  I miss the one class where we all work our butts off and all of us look like crap when we’re done no matter how fit or not we are.  I miss hearing the coaches call out our names encouraging us and working with a partner to lift as much as possible.  I miss the great big hello when scan my card and the high fives after class.
I miss knowing that for one hour a day I could go, follow directions and just focus on doing what was asked.  I kinda liked not having to think for that time.
I need to keep working on my goals, using the tools I learned and moving forward in a new way.  Maybe someday I can go back to cross fit but for now I am in the right place.

What I miss about Cross-fit
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