When I was a child and my sister and brother and I would ask my mom what she wanted fro her birthday or Mother’s day or Christmas, she would say one of tow things “for you all to get along” or “that you are all happy.” She said the latter more as we got older and you know, she was right.
Today my pumpkin called and told me the exciting news that she was accepted to go to Australia for the next semester to study. She is going to Perth. I could hear her smiling over the phone and suddenly all the gloominess from my day was lifted, because another dream is coming true for my daughter.
I can’t wait until I see her this weekend so I can tell her in person how happy, proud, and blessed I am to have her.

When Children are Happy, Mom is Happy!

One thought on “When Children are Happy, Mom is Happy!

  • September 16, 2008 at 1:12 pm

    Tell her we said congrats…and take LOTS of pictures! 🙂


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