Windshield wipers, Umbrellas,and Roses

It began and pretty much remained a grey, blustery and rainy day today. As I drove in the rain I realized how helpful the wipers were. Seriously helpful. When I was a teacher we would carpool to work every day. One of us, not me, had a car with faulty wipers. And every afternoon in August and September the rain would begin as we left work to drive over thirty miles back home. So we would stop, the driver would pull out pliers and tighten some screw on the wipers to get them to work again. The whole episode was repeated every time she drove. I remembered that today and was so grateful I didn’t have to stop and fix my wipers.

Of course, it was pouring when I got to the office and my umbrella was in my office! Thankfully I wasn’t wearing anything white. I like umbrellas but I usually lose the really good ones that combine good coverage and a pretty design.

My husband made a stop at Costco on his way home from work. So while I was getting dinner ready he was doing some shopping and brought me home pink roses along with the other items on the list. What a nice surprise and a reminder that I am loved.

Ponder & Pray: I was having a blue kind of day between the weather and getting wet and other things. But I just tired to stay focused on what was positive. It was helpful and it helped. What can you do when you are having a blue day to not get bogged down in the negativity of it all? I know it helped that I started my day in prayer. Thank God for what went right today and for the people who love you even when you are not at your best.

Windshield wipers, Umbrellas,and Roses
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