Think about this: Today’s readings point out that trust and faith in God the Father are most important. It is through him we are able to have Jesus as the “true bread from heaven.”

To Do: Make a visit this week to the Blessed Sacrament to thank God for all he has done and be with Jesus. It’s First Friday!

Why: Gratitude is the best response to the gift we have been given.

Word in Action

One thought on “Word in Action

  • August 4, 2009 at 5:29 pm

    Concur. An “attitude of gratitude” makes such a difference — in one's relationship with God, with how one looks at the “annoyances” (some of them quite traumatic) that come up in life, with loss, and a host of other things. The cup is never half-empty; it is always just waiting to run over if we have that “attitude of gratitude.”

    Enjoyed your site; checked it out after reading your post on Jen's french fries — liked your comment.


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